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The sky's not the limit if there's footprints on the moon.


Source: Ashleigh Magnus Photography
"Beginners are not bad riders, they merely lack experience. The only truly bad riders are usually ‘experienced’ in the poorest sense of that word; those who blatantly and ignorantly bully their horses."

Egon Von Neindorff (via lusitanoqueen)

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World’s Championship Horse Show - Louisville, KY

So Much Power
Bear Spot Farm
August 2014

them fleabitten greys


Learn to wrap horses’ legs from Dressage riders

to do your hair in your helmet from Hunters

to make quick decisions from Jumpers

to multi-task from the Equitation riders

to care for expensive tack from western pleasure riders

to have good timing from ropers

to not be afraid of the long way from trail riders

to trust the hell out of your horse from eventers

and to appreciate insanity from all equestrians.

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The runner up

gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday